What is prayer? What does it mean to pray?  Is it something I direct somewhere, and is it sent to Someone? Is it something I do to myself?

We’re delving into these questions, and looking into the Shabbat Morning Service – what it means, how it’s structured, and what might be my goal while reciting, or singing, or praying, or davening? (Those may be four very different actions). 

We are meeting at 11:00am Sundays, on Zoom, to study prayer together. The upside is that Laura can (and is) sending the Zoom recording to you by email, allowing you to watch the class that took place, and allowing you to listen to all the discussions and look at the prayers. 

If you choose to join us on Sundays live,  you can be part of the discussions.

Alternatively, we are looking into the Life of Jacob on Thursdays, at 5:00pm. This is also on Zoom, and also full of discussion. 

In this past week during Torah Tidbits, we looked at generational memory, how legacies are passed on, what we tend to forget, what we might want to forget, and things which we cannot forget. That’s pretty timely for so many of us.

Laura is emailing the Torah Tidbits Zoom recording link, too. 

Click on the Zoom recordings Laura emails you, and you can watch the class that has just occurred, at your leisure. 

If you join us at 5:00pm Thursday’s, you can be part of the live exchanges.

Wishing you all love, self respect, inner peace and clear values as Shabbat arrives.

Rabbi Mark Biller