Welcome to Agudath Achim

Agudath Achim is a warm, welcoming, inclusive Conservative congregation and belong to the USCJ. Located close to the Midtown section of Little Rock, Arkansas. Individuals and families of all backgrounds and levels of observance are welcome. Our synagogue combines meaningful Shabbat services, traditional services on all Jewish holidays, education and fun social events to bring together a diverse group of members of all ages and backgrounds. Visit us. Call us. We are open and welcoming. See why Agudath Achim is more than a congregation. We’re a family.

Our Rabbi, Mark Biller comes to us from his previous pulpit, Temple Gates of Prayerin Queens, NY where he was the head rabbi from 2017 – 2021. He helped make the synagogue a focus of people’s lives. Congregants felt, heard and respected through discussion and acceptance of differing views.

His personal approach and style is one of acceptance and of “menschlechkeit”. He facilitates and welcomes personal spiritual searches, teaching to multiple backgrounds and observance levels. His mission is to guide and assist people’s search for deeper meaning in their lives through the exploration of Jewish wisdom and tradition.  Rabbi Biller was ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1997.

Today is the

If you are not a member and would like to join our services  please call or email our office in advance of  Shabbat for Covid protocols .

501-225-1683             Office@LRSynagogue.org


Rabbi Mark Biller       mbiller@lrsynagogue.org

Shabbat Dinner Reservations

May 24th & 25th, 2024Parashat Behar

Friday, May 24th
Candle lighting for Shabbat 7:54 PM

Saturday, May 25th
Shabbat Morning Services 9:45 AM
Kiddush by Sisterhood
Shabbat Ends 8:58 PM

Happy Birthday
May 28th – Julie Polsky

May 28th – Murray Sherman (20 Iyar)
May 31st – Linda Fitzhugh & Nella Greenbaum (23 Iyar)

Refuah Shleimah:
Esther Gordon
Judy Gordon
Arlene Margolis (Chana Esther bat Shaindel)
Mary Mumford (Rachael bat Sarah)
Kathryn Pearson (Rochel Miriam bat Sarah)
Rose Schwartz (Ruchel Leah bat Marium)
Bob Bernstein (Reuven Gershon ben Itta)
Herb Dicker (Ezekiel ben Pesha)
Leon Finkelstein (Lev ben Peshe)
Mark Gross (Moshe ben Hannah)
Marvin Itzkowitz (Matis bat Rivka)
Irving Kuperman (Naftoli Herz ben Imma)
Steve Lane (Shalom Aaron Ben Esther)
Michael Margolis (Chaim Mordechai ben Jenny)
Derek Mumford (Avraham Dovid ben Sarah)
Richard Steppach (Michael ben Natan)
Yaacov Tyberg (Yaacov Binyamin ben Dalia)
Ira Zinman (Yisroel Beryl ben Riva Gittel)
Brian Zubkoff (Dov Ber Mordechai ben Gittel)
Non-Jewish Friends/Family
Colleen Edwards
Sheila Edwards
Crystal Feier
Sabrina Crafton Hertel
Melissa Plato
Elizabeth Quick
Lily Vest
Chris Edwards
Shawn Kennedy
Earl Sorrells
Lucio Vazquez

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