Welcome to Agudath Achim

Agudath Achim is a warm, welcoming, inclusive conservative congregation located close to the Midtown section of Little Rock, Arkansas. Individuals and families of all backgrounds and levels of observance are welcome. Our synagogue combines meaningful Shabbat services, traditional services on all Jewish holidays, education and fun social events to bring together a diverse group of members of all ages and backgrounds. Visit us. Call us. We are open and welcoming. See why Agudath Achim is more than a congregation. We’re a family.

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Today is the

June 21st - 23rd, 2019Parashat - Beha'alotcha

Friday, June 21st   
Kabbalat Shabbat Services with Rabbi Elliot Schoenberg       6:30PM
Shabbat Dinner       7:15PM
Presentation by Rabbi Schoenberg       8:00PM
Candle Lighting for Shabbat       8:07PM

Saturday, June 22nd
Shabbat Morning Services with Rabbi Schoenberg       9:00AM
D’rash by Rabbi Schoenberg       10:30AM
Kiddush Lunch followed by Rabbi Schoenberg Presentation       12:00PM
Shabbat Ends       9:10PM

Sunday, June 23rd
Diving in:
Philosophy & Theology of Conservative Judaism by Rabbi Schoenberg       10:00AM
Question & Answer Session       12:00PM

Scholar in Residence Weekend
Join us for a weekend of learning about Conservative Judaism with Rabbi Elliot Schoenberg Senior Vice President & Global Director of Rabbinic Career Development at the Rabbinical Assembly. All are welcome!

Happy Anniversary
Jun 26th – Sy & Sharona Niksefat and Robert & Marcia Safirstein

Happy Birthday
Jun 22nd – David Bauman, Aaron Towbin-Hickling & Jay Reddoch
Jun 23rd – Andrew Collins
Jun 24th – Suzanne Klimberg-Storthz
Jun 25th – Rachel Kuperman
Jun 28th – Larry Alman

Upcoming Yahrzeits
Sivan 20th – (Jun 23rd) – Joe Besser
Sivan 21st – (Jun 24th) – Sophia Cohen
Sivan 24th – (Jun 27th) – Howard Eisenberg
Sivan 25th – (Jun 28th) – Ben Spector

Refuah Shleimah – wishing a speedy recovery to:
Please contact the office to add or remove a name from the list.
Silvana Berlinksi (Alexandra bat Imma), Pat Dicker (Chana bat Sarah), Ben Greenbaum (Benjomin ben Chandel), Nechie Kilimnick (Nechca bat Riva Leah), Susan Lowitz (Sarah Perel bat Rachael), William Lulky (Velvel Dovid ben Sarah Razel), Michael Margolis (Chaim Mordechai ben Jenny), Alan Nussbaum (Josef ben Shana Bala), Judith Rosenblat (Yehudit bat Rut), Walsh Weaver, Rabbi Kalman Winnick (Kalman Ibn ben Devora), Brian Zubkoff (Dov Ber Mordechai ben Gittel)